Yogurt – An Ideal Food for Senior Citizens

Published on May 13, 2022

Food choices for senior citizens are often limited due to their age-related ailments. Yogurt can be considered as one of the ideal foods for them if milk-based products are not a restriction – here’s why:

Protein – based food

A high protein diet is recommended for senior citizens. This is to counteract the muscle loss that may occur in older age. Yogurt is a good source of protein, calcium and vitamins, and can be fortified with additional vitamins. It can be eaten along with a meal or as a snack between meals.

Ease of eating

Senior citizens often have problems with chewing due to loss of teeth or gum problems. As a result, chewing protein-rich foods such as meats may not be easy. Yogurt does not need chewing and can be directly swallowed. It can be converted into a smoothie, which will help to meet the fluid requirement in senior citizens, who are often prone to dehydration.

Easy to digest

Yogurt is easy to digest. It contains probiotic strains and/or lactic acid bacteria that improve the health of the digestive tract.

Flavours available

Senior citizens often suffer from reduced appetite. In addition, their diet is often restricted due to illnesses. Flavours added to yogurt improve its taste and add variety to the meal.


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