Platelet Tests

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Platelet countPlatelets are a type of blood cells that help to control bleeding. Low platelet counts are often associated with excessive bleeding.
Immature platelet fractionImmature platelet fraction measures the immature platelets in the blood. The presence of immature platelets indicates that there is an increased demand for platelets by the body, and therefore the bone marrow releases them into the blood before they are completely formed. This test helps to differentiate between low platelet counts due to reduced production of platelets by the bone marrow or increased destruction after they are released into the blood.
Mean platelet volumeThe mean platelet volume measures the average size of the platelets. It helps to detect the possible cause for a low platelet count.
Platelet aggregationThe platelet aggregation test checks the efficiency of the platelets to clump together to stop the flow of blood following an injury. It is not a routine test but may be used to identify platelet disorders that may result in bleeding following heart surgery, or to identify heart patients who do not respond to antiplatelet treatment.
Platelet distribution widthThe platelet distribution test reflects variations in the size of the platelets in circulation. The platelets are larger in size in certain conditions, and therefore this test can help to diagnose such conditions.
Platelet-large cell ratio (P-LCR)The P-LCR test is an indicator of circulating larger platelets (> 12fL). Larger the size, more active the platelets. This test is useful in monitoring platelet activity and in the diagnosis of conditions associated with abnormal platelet counts.

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