Mental Health – Time to Feel Free

Published on February 5, 2022

Anxiety disorders, clinical depression and other mental health disorders are often neglected with the hope that they will go away or due to the stigma that surrounds them. Here are some facts about such disorders to help understand them better and reach out for help if necessary.

Understand the Conditions

People with mental health issues such as anxiety disorders or clinical depression suffer from symptoms such as excessive worry, a feeling of hopelessness and sleep disturbances. These often recur, interfere with concentration and day-to-day activities and are difficult to control. Thus, a temporary feeling of anxiousness or feeling low may qualify as a mental disorder. In some cases, patients may complain of physical symptoms such as fatigue and pain, which may actually reveal an underling mental issue on careful evaluation.

Understand the Cause

A mental disorder could be due to genes, or stressful or traumatic conditions. Thus, it is not the individual’s fault that he/she may be suffering from the condition. A number of people suffered from issues affecting mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic due to isolation, loss of job, stigmatization and/or loss of their loved ones.

Reach out for Help

Mental disorders should be dealt with like other illnesses – if one does not feel up to it, a physician or a psychiatrist should be approached who may confirm if there is a problem based on a chat. The doctor may prescribe some laboratory tests to rule out conditions like a thyroid disorder which could be responsible for the symptoms.

If a mental disorder is diagnosed, tablets will be prescribed, and/or a psychologist will guide the patient on how to deal with it. Treatment helps the patient to live a normal life.

Government Initiatives

In the Indian Union Budget of 2022-23, the Government has proposed the launch of a national tele-mental health program to provide round-the-clock free counselling and care to people. Through this initiative, people will have access to high-quality treatment from the privacy of their homes. The Karnataka Government has also launched the ‘Brain Health Initiative’ under which doctors will be trained to screen and treat mental health patients. The timing of these announcements is extremely important given the impact of the pandemic on mental health.


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