Make the Workplace a Happy Place

Published on 26 November 2022

People spend around 5 to 6 days every week at their workplace, and getting employees back every Monday with a smile on their faces is often a daunting task for most employers. Below are a few simple policies that organizations can introduce to improve the happiness quotient and the mental health of their employees.

Generating Interest at Work

A job that is repeated day in and day out is likely to bore out an employee. Therefore, employees should be given a variety of jobs, sometimes interchanging with other employees of a similar skill level. The jobs should appeal to their intellect, and the employees should have a say in choosing the type of work that they would like to do.

Limiting Work Hours

The notion that asking employees to work long hours increases the productivity may not always be true. It could result in burnout and a subsequent reduction in productivity. Therefore, the work hours should be within limits. In case of shift work, the employees should be allowed to choose the shift which would work best for them.

Supporting the Employees

The employees should feel that the organization has their back, especially when it comes to issues such as bullying and discrimination. The work environment should be safe and secure. Women and the disabled should be provided the support they need. Health insurance should be provided for all the employees.

Promoting Mental Health

Activities to promote mental health such as yoga and mindfulness should be included in the working hours. The employees should be encouraged to take part in such activities, and they should be given time out to engage in them. They should also have easy access to psychological help to deal with mental issues that may plague them.

Happy employees are productive and radiate the happiness to their coworkers. Thus, they make the organization a place where people would willingly work. Consequently, the chances of attrition are reduced. Every organization should spend some effort to be a people-friendly place.


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